To my breath of fresh air,

HAPPY 2017

2016 was a damn crazy year. But I know it was more successes and sweet little victories than disappointments and heartbreak.

(Beware of all the “thank you”s)

Thank you for being with me from start to finish. Thank you for the love that shines like a beacon. Thank you for staying when it seems hopeless and I’m helpless. Thank you for making me feel like I could get prizes just for living, as if other choices are open for exploration. Thank you for the post-its of encouragement on the most trying times, the ice cream of happiness on the most frustrating days, for the siomais at the end of the day and the company even when we both had mounds of lectures and readings to cover. Thank you for never undermining my feelings, for the understanding when even I have lost the words, and for the love that’s unbelievable… the kind which makes me feel safe and secure, like you’re always on my side, and that you’d actually choose me.

I’m grateful for the coffee on mornings I pulled all-nighters, for quick breakfast when I’m in too much of a hurry and packed lunches when I can’t seem to find the time for all the work lined up on the list. Thank you for the birthday gifts, the Christmas gifts and random gifts on the most mundane of days. For the cakes, doughnuts, mcspicy, halo halo, etc. at the end of days and weeks bombarded with quizzes.

It’s not the gifts themselves that leave me in awe. It’s the thought put into them and the timing they’re given that takes my breath away. I magnified the small things, the little details and huge effort in minute insignificant matters. It doesn’t take a fool to know love expressed like that roots from all forms of generosity, selfless giving, compassion and genuineness.

This is a little out-of-place but it needs to be singled out. (And you know how I feel. Please don’t judge this letter’s organization, really hahahahaha) I don’t know if you know how much this means to me: most of all, I’m thankful for the understanding when it comes to cancelled plans and activities moved to later dates all because I’m simply too tired.

Thank you for every bit of corny joke, library clandestine meet-ups, and ticklish spots that make you laugh like a girl. UST was a witness,  you made me feel like the last year was nothing but a sweet ride as you took it in stride and stayed by my side.

The road we take is no easy path and the ride is no happy trip. More nights will be for sleeping in and sacrifices we need to endure to keep our priorities straight. We will feel more discouraged than motivated and there will be more times that we feel we’ve got too much on our hands. So I don’t promise anything else just that I’ll do my best in every way possible. When the need to study more outweighs the need to pay attention to me, I’ll understand. We’re at that point where the careers we’re building mean as much as the commitments we make. All this is possible so long as we keep to heart that at the end of the day, there’s each other no matter the amount of failure on our shoulders.

You made my wait worth it. You never faulted me for being who I am and I’ll never be more thankful for your love. You never made me feel like I’m indebted to you for anything and I promise to love you even when I’m too tired for words. Tell me when something’s wrong and I won’t expect you to be a mind reader.

I know that to love another is a risk. We’re gambling and putting our lives on the line for something the future makes uncertain. But I’ve got you and you’ve got me. So I stake my claim, we’ve got this.


May future’s path contain goodness that outweighs its potential downfalls and may we prevent mishaps instead of making amends.

I’ll see you soon

And I’ll keep seeing you

Like how I keep using complex sentences

I love you.



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