I’m Sorry

What I said I wouldn’t say I didn’t mean
What I did I wouldn’t deny not in my intention
What transcribed I shouldn’t have let happen
Had I known what I know now before you drifted

But what I am sorry for
Is my nerve when you were kind
My misdemeanor when you were understanding
And my tactless mouth when you were least deserving

You pulled me up so I can breathe
Brought me up so we can watch the sun rise
Talked me through so tears can dry
But “sorry” I will never say to you

Call me coward for my lack of courage
To give you the word you long to hear
But self-preservation is the reason
For my refusal to do anything that might sting

I put walls up because I’m not ready
No matter how much I try to be
Friendship, to me, is forever
Something I’ll never again convert

I have learned once and I will never forget
How we wasted away, oh what a shame

So even for you I won’t bend
I’m so sorry, I only love you as friend


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