What You Don’t Get

There’s a reason why a movie adaptation never felt quite right for the readers who have fastidiously spent their time reading the book itself. The things that happen before our very eyes may be the exact thing as in the book but a person may say otherwise. When we put to writing those that we’ve witnessed with our eyes, it gets magnified a million times. A fleeting pain may be described as sharp or stabbing as if it teared your heart apart. A shallow emotion may be pictured in a way deeper than your own perception might have been. It may have only caused a slight discomfort but the more thought you give it, the more deep words you form for people to drown in.

What you don’t understand about writers is that though they paint you the portrait they want you to see, it may not be real. The writing self is different from the real self. That I can assure you.
After reading all the gooey stuff published in this blog, will you be surprised if I tell you that I’ve never really been enchanted by love? I don’t really care actually. Just that I’ve read more than my fair share of romance classics and young adult reads that I have spent much of my time in the style of different people to come up with my own. Ask me to tell you a story in person and see how it’s a gazillion miles away from how I painted it in writing. Why? Because it’s exciting acting like you can write. Where’s the fun in being direct to the point when you can beat around the bush and flaunt all your grammar lessons, high lexile and years of english class and book reading? This is the reason most people aren’t much interested with pure news.

On blogs are not entirely all about people’s heartaches, aspirations and desires. The only truth you can ever get from their sites are their writing styles. As if they’ll take the liberty of writing out for you their heart’s content? Don’t be delusional. It was never about my heart’s content. It was mostly what was nice to read.

What you don’t, and most probably will never, get is that when people write, it’s mostly not about what’s actually been said, done or felt. It can also contain exaggeration, manipulation and you start to wonder wow this writer is really good. Because that’s what writers would want to hear from you.

So this is for the ignorant who says you’re still not over the past, for the one with so much pride who thinks you still love him just as much, to the one who says you’re bitter because you speak harshly when you really just couldn’t care less and for all the judgmental people who spend their time criticizing just because they’ve got nothing to do. Remember to always question your beliefs. Trusting in what you choose to doesn’t make you any more right than it wrongs you.

So for you, person who says I need to move on, I don’t need to prove anything to you and the more i think about it, the more rotten you become to me. (Finished May 31, 2014)


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