Hear Ye

lolI find it ultimately hilarious that some people are talking about what I write here. Juicy stuff? Don’t dig too deep and don’t think too much into it. Some may not even be real. If you think it’s in reference to anyone you know or to yourself in particular, you could always ask me. But chances are highly unlikely. Ever heard of a little creativity? HAHA. It doesn’t hurt, you know. The purpose is not to say my life story (why the hell would I want you to know?) but to give meaning to things that are inherently neutral, to put to words what would otherwise be muddled in our crazy heads and to say out loud what would most people keep. But that doesn’t mean the truth is a necessity. In personally knowing me, only then can the truth in my words speak to you. Stories here shouldn’t be taken as avenue or grabbed as opportunity to talk about other people behind their backs.  I don’t need to explain or defend my writing in any way. You, the reader, can take it as it is but the meaning can only truly come from me. Unless i say so, it is not so. 🙂


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