The Sound of Silence

Silence is having to stop mid day in the middle of the street midst your busy schedule. It’s the quick jerk to the past, the forced stop in time and the freezing moment of uncertainty and vulnerability.

Silence is when you’re found face front with that person you used to spend everyday with. It is when your eyes lock but the other looks away just as fast. It is the shot of lightning, the spark that lights up in both of your hearts. The static in the air that fills the empty space.. gone as quickly as it had come. But you don’t tear up right there and then. You hold it back as you engulf the silence. Take it in and leave it hanging. You stand there with all the could-have-been/s, should-have-been/s, what-if/s.. all the possibilities, the opportunities and the chances gone to waste.

Silence is what prompts all the memories to come flooding back through the closed gates of your heart. It is what breaks down your walls, what breaches your stand. It will make your stance waver, your knees quiver and your eyes heavy.

It is the passing of each other’s shoulders or the insistent turning around and going the other way or the stopping by to seemingly say something but are at loss for words. It’s when you open your mouth but nothing comes out. When you take a step forward then you take a step back. When you hold out your hand only to retrieve it and when you try to reach out only to shrink back.

Silence is the undying loss of comfort and forever. It is where you can hear the shrill cry of two souls who once were. It is the undeniable loudness of the shattering hearts and the irreparable break that no one can ever fill. IT is in hearing no words but knowing just how far the loneliness stretches out and how far it still has to stretch.


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