College Friends

School is an avenue not only for learning history, expounding knowledge or training your craft. Most often than not, school becomes an avenue for socialization and interaction. With another academic year coming to an end, I couldn’t believe it’s been almost two years since I first met people who i never thought would occupy most parts of my life.

These people make days brighter, problems lighter and inhibitions falter.

Before I entered college, I remember how my senior year consisted of people saying enjoy your last year in high school because that’s the best part of studying. But I plead my case. Don’t get me wrong. My secondary school experience wasn’t bad at all. It was actually really good. High-ranking academics, student council, public speaking and a good name. I never sat alone in the cafeteria and never the type people can just push around. I had a few best friends, many close friends and a lot of friends. But what strikes college as an entire-new-level better-in-all-aspect extremel-fun-compared-to-high-school kinda shit is the fact that here you have education, freedom, experience and the human race all in one. School isn’t that hard, you’ve acquired a little more decision-making in your hands when it comes to how you spend your free time, life gives you a whole lot of lemons, and finally, you meet all the people your mom warned you about. And compared to your average high school bully, university students are a hundred times worse.

The moment you walk into your room to meet your new classmates for the first time, you are bonded to them forever.

You know why? Because just like you, everything to them is new. New school, new classes, new people and definitely a new chance for them to  start anew as well. Everyone has done bad things in the past and new starts often rarely comes by. Everyone is at their best with a new blank slate to fill for four years. So the friends you make on your first year are the people you are with as you make new memories and vice versa. They’re with you through every first-food experimentation, every after-class activity spent within the university campus, every crushing period on that cute blockmate, every first trip to that famous place everyone in school’s been talking about, every heart break and still there with you even until graduation or after.

They will be the people beside you through every sleepless night of studying, behind every speech you deliver, every test you ace, every subject you fail and every achievement you receive. They will give you the recognition you never even noticed in you. They will pick you up when you’re at your lowest and they will see you through when you can’t even see. They’re the people all those quotes are about, the ones you should never let go. They will show you what it means to actually be there for a friend without literally having to be there. And they will make you see why some people say that the world is not actually all that bad.

If there is one thing I will never forget of all the things college taught me, it’s that the friendships you build mean as much as the commitments you make. Or maybe even more. It doesn’t matter who you met first or who you’ve had the longest. There are just some people who comes into your life who will show you that there’s more to this world than the things you originally knew. They will show you a whole new perspective and ultimately, they become the people you will never trade for anything in the world. There are those who will fall out of your life and some who’ll fit in the empty spaces perfectly. People come and go but never worry because there are also those who stay.

And soon enough, you’ll realize that college is the place where you experience the real world while still being given a chance to play in life. You may not be there to build friendships and get into relationships but you’re definitely there to gain experience. And if there’s one thing you should always remember: experience will always give you an edge.


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