We Are The Keepers

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I didn’t let go of anything worth keeping.

A few months ago, I would’ve fought really hard not to be where I am now. I would’ve saved our relationship as if my life depended on it had I not been so tired, had I just had the strength to carry on. But these days, I’m alone. I don’t have a new guy (contrary to what you’re thinking) and neither am I getting comfortable with anyone else. And I guess that’s what I like most about my strength. I’ve grown up embodying independence that even when we were together, I never really forgot how to do it on my own. You wanted me to need you. But baby, surviving by myself has been my way ever since. I’m glad that I can still do it and be genuinely happy while I’m at it.

Getting into a relationship with someone is just as easy as losing the lottery and getting out of one unscathed can be as hard as winning the jackpot. Almost purely impossible and all the chances are of sheer luck. There are points where you rarely hurt and some memories that really ache. There are also those thoughts of the past at the back of your mind that are really hard to overcome.

There are also moments when you think you’re completely over but ghosts of the past drag you right back to the starting line. Either people who asks how you guys are or some who wants to know what happened or the guy himself asking you why you left.

Last night, you asked me why. I cried a little on the inside because it’s been more than a month and not to have talked that long must be killing us both. But what made my heart break was the mere fact that you still do not know where you had it wrong.  You say I left without an explanation.. without even wanting to make an effort. You claim that I left you for somebody else, say that you still don’t know the reason why. All you see is the girl who left with no clear reason.

I couldn’t help myself. There I was again pouring my heart out in the explanations I say while there you were sending me fucking half-hearted messages that don’t even make up for half of the messages you were replying to. I found myself saying.. I should stop now. I realized that nothing has changed.

You want us to work and you want me back but you were still the same as before I left. You still handpick portions of the message you’re gonna react to and disregard the other parts, you still overlook everything I say AND you still don’t understand. Your lack of words, emotion, understanding and expression is the death of us.

Maybe reading that message made me hurt a little. It’s been so long and I know neither of us has moved an inch. If we decide to get back together, we’re just gonna be picking up where we left off. But most times, I don’t feel like getting back with you. Not when you’re still so clueless. Not when you still haven’t opened your mind AND DEFINITELY NOT WHENEVER I SEE HOW YOU’RE DOING, I ALWAYS FIND SOMEBODY NOT WORTH KEEPING.

You never acknowledge the truth I speak and you stick with what you think is right. Maybe thinking that one month is enough for change is wrong. When you talked to me again, I remembered exactly why I walked away. I still see it to this day.

Maybe you’ll NEVER understand but that’s not my problem anymore.

SO who really are the people worth keeping? What relationships are worth the fight? Who means more than who and how do we know when what we’re doing is right? I guess the things is.. we’ll never know.

More often than not though, a few qualities slip out of a few people that ultimately screams “KEEPER HERE!!”

I won’t make a list of the sure signs that a man or woman is a keeper. What I will tell you are the things you already know, but refuse to acknowledge, to realize that he or she is a keeper.

  1. No one person is the same as another: you will never be completely in sync with your partner but as long as he or she is trying, you BETTER stay.
  2. An introvert but is your extrovert: some people are never comfortable with warming up to anyone they’ve just met while some are just completely appalled with meeting new people. If your man or woman likes to spend times away from people but would still go with you to the bar or meet your friends for dinner and engage in conversation with them while not asking you to go home every second, he or she is worth a whole lot more than you give him or her credit for.
  3. People with priorities are priceless. Whether studies, family, fun or love life, someone who knows his or her priorities are never found crying in one corner when everything seems to be falling apart. They stand and they deal. Open your eyes. Don’t be naïve. You’re not everybody’s first priority no matter how much label your relationship has. There are some things in life that weigh more than the commitments we make to the people we love. E.g. studies and work. The only way this is going to work out is if you understand where your partner is coming from. Being goal-oriented is one thing about them you should not change. Just think about the future. You wouldn’t want to find yourself someday married to a slacker with a big belly from all the pizzas and beer from boys night out and a left-over look from college jock days under those unshaven beard and mustache.
  4. There are those kinds that come with a strong sense of independence. It means that this man or woman does not need you to be his or her caregiver but rather they need you as companion. Personally, I think having someone to walk beside you is better than having someone follow you around like you’re some sort of master. He or she can work both ways. During times when you’re giving, she’s taking but she gives in return to give you something to take.
  5. There are some people as rare as diamonds. They make the world a brighter day and unknowingly drag people into the truth. Real people are those who tell you when you’re getting fat, have mismatched clothes, ugly hair or a huge zit but still loves you just as much and would still hold your hand in public.
  6. The sort of folks who understand that you are your own individual person are the mature people. They all hold you within bounds while still giving you avenue to grow. You’re not required to be a certain person when you’re with them. You can be yourself; you can go out with friends; you can give more attention to your studies and they wouldn’t mind. In actuality,  they’d be doing their own thing. You just have to know that after all the day’s activities, home is wherever each other will be.
  7. A person who does not ask for much deserves to be given everything because although this world seems to be without contentment, they’re the ones who come with a beautiful factory defect.
  8. A man or woman who never plays victim is the sort you know you can trust. Strong enough to admit his or her mistakes and smart enough not to commit mistakes in the first place. Rational enough not to settle for less than what he or she deserves so you can never treat him or her poorly and honest enough to give the truth to whoever asks it. Know that when a break-up comes up, he or she is gonna tell the truth to people and wouldn’t make you look like the one entirely at fault. (Unless you really are, that is)
  9. Some people got their schedules up over their heads but there are a few who would go out of their way for the people they love. If he or she helps you with your school work even when he or she has his or her own, gives you the things you need, make a quick search for you when you don’t have internet or makes ways when there seems to be none, you shouldn’t look anywhere else.
  10. True love is hard to find these days. Only few lives with it and most are still looking for it. Some may never find it while there are others who gladly give it. If the other person listens to your dramas even when it’s pointless, gives you chances you don’t deserve, understands you when you’re most understandable, sees beneath the facade you want others to see, remembers the little things about you, allows you to mess up and fix you afterwards, patiently understands your mood swings, keeps you away from your stressor, knows you enough to show up with a cupcake or milk tea outside your classroom, holds out the door open for you, reminds you what and what not to do without getting tired, loves you for you and accepts you for who you are, you’ve got the one. Do yourself a favor and don’t mess up.

A woman never needs a boy.


A man never goes for a bitch.



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