Some Sad Story

You used to always ask her how anymore blind and stupid could she get. But the day she asked herself the same question, she walked away from you.

Of all the people around you, she actually saw who you really were. She saw the vulnerable guy beneath the tough façade, the child beyond the stiff smile and straight stance, the good heart under all the compliance to social norms and the pure intentions before the peer pressure.

The scent you will miss, the past you will crave. The adrenaline will always falter leaving you forever neutral. The comfort you have eternally lost and your heart wandering infinitely.

So one day when your blood turns into alcohol, your lungs a crumb of black dirt and maturity slowly creeps into your being,  you will realize where it all went wrong.  How there’s no more height in any argument as you realize that you will never truly care for anyone else but her. You will realize it all but it’s gonna be too late because you’ve been long forgotten.

You should have treated her right before she finally opened her eyes, because she would’ve played a fool all her life had you not made her choose. You shouldn’t have taken her for granted just because you thought that she could never muster the courage to walk away, or that if she ever did, she’ll eventually come back. The day has come at last. She has reached her limit while everyone around her says “finally.”


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