my crew

During the gloomy parts of my life, I promised myself never to leave the people who were there for me. I sacrificed a friend for you once but that was one awful mistake I will never do again. EVEN if it meant losing you.

Bounce of your hair, sparkles in your eyes and enchantment in your smile.. you walk in sunshine most parts of the day only to have forces of the dark suddenly drag you to the shadows. You do not know where you are and the rising panic is becoming suffocating, intoxicating. You are blinded, beaten and left with only too little of the original strength you possessed. You are stuck in time; nothing like the paralysis quick sand brings but more of the pretentious dangerous muskeg that swallows you whole. You’re breathless: whirring mind but seemingly unhinged joints and muscles. Your limbs are useless even as you try to break free. You are helpless… then a sudden force pulls you out of the pit you were stuck in. You resurface to see familiar faces and you look down on the traitor.. the face of the man you love. Your heart shatters to a million pieces but the familiarity of what you have now gives endless supplies of warmth, love and sunshine. They come not with adhesives but with repair materials to last you for a really really long time. So as people ask you if you are happy now, you say yes because you really are. Your friends make you happy and that’s enough for now.


Taking care of friendships? That’s me doing things right.


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